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#tbt me n yung jas surrounded by peasants

#tbt me n yung jas surrounded by peasants

Styles P interrupting a du-rag twice

my niggas get down after our molly omelettes

navigator-of-hell: I'd fuck you up



lmao what the shit is your problem?

I still want to know what got into his pants

one blunt
one brain
one earth
one testicle
freestylin after giving a seminar on combinative capabilites


(via groupoftrees)

black guy pushed into a mosh pit lmaoo

@danedgt $$$$$$$$

fuckng††††† i grew mybun smoking syrian white assed out on a yacht. the equivalent of zebra-lined oxford tunic + my activator (i’m doing shameless plugs for this mixtape) (this is not spam my guy)(spam didn’t chokeslam his health into burma fashion week)